Styling: Laeriss, Christine A. Foto: Minna Mercke Schmidt

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beautiful, just beautiful!


A Beautiful Mess

little suki will be staying with my parents, per usual, and playing with her best friend Gigi (the black pug). Jeremy took this photo of us napping. i'm so happy she's finally calming down and being snuggly sometimes... she's a very very very hyper pug. we love her! 

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a creative mint

Unless stated all photos in a creative mint are my original copyrighted photographs. All photo layouts are also designed by me specifically for a creative mint. Feel free to blog my photos but please link back to this page. Thank you!

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Creating, doing, learning, having an environment conducive to harmony and uplifting things are essential to me! I am a curious person and learn new things all the time, self-taught in many crafts just by looking and reading about it; consequently trial and errors are part of it! I believe that this has become an asset, I therefore can have empathy and walk in the shoes of others. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it has help me become a better person all around! My desire is that we can all share and learn from one another! Hope you have a good time visiting and that somehow I can also be of inspiration to others as many of you bloggers of gorgeous things have been to me! Welcome!

Learning new things and creating is essential to me!


Goddess of My Cottage

So I looked for curtains for our sliding glass door in our family room for the longest time...I just couldn't afford over $100 per panal! And actually trying to find curtains in my sliders size was near impossible!I was frustrated and couldn't think of anything. So my BFF suggested using sheets. SHEETS? Like bed sheets? Really? REALLY!I couldn't believe it! I went to WalMart and got two queensize flat sheets. At the top of each sheet where the casing is, I cut a verticle slice through the back layer at each end of the casing. The previous tenants left the curtain rod and it had been sitting empty for several months...Here's what the final outcome looks like:I love them and the total cost = LESS THAN $22! You might also like: Ooo La La - French-ish Bottles of Bath Salts Menu White Board Glass Apothacary Jars LinkWithin

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The Cinnamon Patch - Bienvenue

CINNAMON INSPIRATIONS Le nouveau livre de Marianne : "Petits bonheurs en patch et feutrine"Modèles du livres proposés en KITS (tissus, feutrines et boutons) |prix des Kits|QUILT COUNTRYDécouvrez le nouveau livre de Marianne : "Les 4 saisons de la feutrine" dans le hors série no1 de "Quilt Country" |Plus d'info|Feutre réversibleThe Cinnamon Patch vous propose des créations en feutre de laine réversible |feutre réversible|Mes fils préférésBientot toute la gamme de fils Lana Aurifil |fils Lana Aurifil|Nos rendez-vous créatifsNous serons heureux de vous rencontrer lors de nos nombreux déplacements. |Plus d'info|

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Bienvenue sur Pique et Patch, le spécialiste du ruban et de la broderie

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Bienvenue sur Pique et Patch, le spécialiste du ruban et de la broderie

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Pour l'instant, pas de paiement en ligne sur le site.En pratique pour commander,  vous nous envoyez les références souhaitées par e-mail, et vous pouvez choisir le paiement par chèque (par courrier) ou par carte bancaire (par téléphone) ou alors vous nous passez un coup de fil !En tous les cas n'hésitez pas à nous contacter.

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