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Goddess of My Cottage

So I looked for curtains for our sliding glass door in our family room for the longest time...I just couldn't afford over $100 per panal! And actually trying to find curtains in my sliders size was near impossible!I was frustrated and couldn't think of anything. So my BFF suggested using sheets. SHEETS? Like bed sheets? Really? REALLY!I couldn't believe it! I went to WalMart and got two queensize flat sheets. At the top of each sheet where the casing is, I cut a verticle slice through the back layer at each end of the casing. The previous tenants left the curtain rod and it had been sitting empty for several months...Here's what the final outcome looks like:I love them and the total cost = LESS THAN $22! You might also like: Ooo La La - French-ish Bottles of Bath Salts Menu White Board Glass Apothacary Jars LinkWithin

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